Why the Internet?

The world wide web has become the billboard of the 21st century. We can forward our own ideas, opinions, or sell products and services to an estimated 40 million people (growing at an estimated rate of 14,000/day) world wide.

In the past, what allowed a small or new company (David) to compete with a giant company (Goliath) was based on a LOT of money thrown at the established forms of communication (magazine, newspaper, radio & TV and the aforementioned billboard or printed brochure) to produce a "set in stone" advertisement that was very rigid and unchanging with regard to it form and presentation.

A 60 second commercial or the time it takes to read the paper or magazine (daily/monthly) or drive by an advertisment. The information is thrown at the potential customer (who at times did not even ask to know what you are trying to tell/sell him). With the WWW, it is possible to have the potential customer seek YOU out and stay as long and, come back as many times as the information you provide dictates. It allows you to easily modify your presentation (change or add additional information. Have you ever had to deal with a typo made in a printed brochure?). Although we don't expect TV, Radio and Newspapaer to go away any time soon, in fact they are even using the web as a tool of communication.

A person who has a computer (and views your site) usually have a couple of key elements essential to being a potential customer. They have the means ($$$) and the desire to seek you out.

What is the Internet?

It is a big network of computers that carry data to other computers. We pay people (Internet Service Providers or ISP) with real fast computers (called servers) and internet access thru hi-speed communications lines from there to Network Access Providers (NAP's). The ISP makes an account for us to call in on (on regular phone lines). At our end, the connection to the internet is via our computer, a modem and software for this purpose. This data can be multimedia (sound, pictures, still and motion, and text) or just text alone. We can find information on the internet, meet people, advertise and sell products, voice views, communicate... This is only the beginning.

Can I sell my products?

Yes! The internet can be instrumental in the sale of your products in several ways. It can be your initial correspondence with an ever growing number of potential customers or an (online) catalog. With the growing confidence in secure online transaction, an internet world wide web presence can be your order sheet, accounts receivable and a place where your customers can check on the progress of their order. Top

What about Customer Service

You will probably provide traditional customer service for some time to come. We believe that the percentage of online customer service will grow as the number of internet buyers grows. There are emerging technologies which will allow for voice communications which are far more cost effective than toll free 800 telephone service over time. Top

Who is Watching?

Some one from every walk of life may be watching at any given time. If you are presently an internet surfer then you are trying to keep yourself at the top of the technological game called life. If there is something new and exciting you probably want in! Now take the former two sentences and apply them not only to the U.S. but the WHOLE WORLD!! Now look ahead 2 years. The whole world will be connected to the internet (This is of course a prediction). Look at the Telephone 100 years ago. Very few people had it but a few short years later most business and individuals relied heavily on the telephone. We believe the internet will be of the same or greater importance in the coming years. Top

Why not wait to get involved?

There is really no arguement against doing something now or later. There are to many individual circumstances possible for a one size fits all solution. I do believe that the person who gets in with a good plan while the market is developing will prosper from his investment. Top

How Long Will It Take

There will be a temporary construction site usually within 48 hour of order. A proper front door will happen within the first 5 days. These establish a site where customers can find you and we will use this address for you to check on the progress of your site. Potential customers will be able to e-mail you from this site. Within the first week we will have discussions with your company about specific needs and designs for your site, get or create the proper text and graphic elements, multimedia elements and do the work of creating an effective site using these elemets.

You might have some concerns about our being in Los Angeles, California while you may reside in another state. One of our clients is in N.Y., another one is in San Clamente, California and they both get equal service with regard to speed of operation and attention to their sites. The internet is the great equalizer in this respect. It doesn't matter where you are as long as there is Federal Express and UPS. Top

How Much Will It COST?

The cost of a custom site can, by it's very nature, be a bit vague. The variables are many, graphics, audio, video. Unless you are targeting people with ISDN or faster connections, we caution our clients against some of the more bandwidth hungry bells and whistles (particularly in combinations) but, they are always an option. Secure web transactions are available and represent the real future of commerce on the web. An effective well designed and well managed website is not cheap but, is cost effective. Our first responsibility is to assess your website needs and give you a fair quote which can include consultation, design and construction, a management contract, making sure that your site is announced to groups of potential customers. If your company is new to the internet, we are here to help teaching your staff it's operation.Top

How Do I Get Potential Customers to Visit My Site?

This is an important part of our job. You can have the most effective, innovative and informational site in the world but, it can't serve your purposes if no one visits your site, or someone wishes to visit your site but can't find it. We will register your site with appropriate search engines and suggest specific news groups to get involved with.Top

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