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Q - Hi bassland/ Isn't it (Jamerson) him playing on same old song/four tops and how sweet it is/jr walker and the all stars??

BL - Regarding It's The Same Old Song, it is Jamerson. The bassline is one of the first times I remember how repetitive they could get Jamerson to play. There is one version that has the neatest turnaround near the end of the tune but I am hearing that version less and less these days. They would re record songs for stereo or for album cuts there were instances where they took out solos from some records to make them shorter and there are only a cople of instances where you could hear where they cut stuff out. Reflections by Diana Ross (Supremes) was one. Junior Walker would also usually get the generic no frills basslines out of Jamerson. I believe this may be because Jr Walker did not travel with a bass player for most of his career. As a result of your great question I am going to start posting these questions on my site as visitor questions. You did not include your name so I will not reveal any information about you but I thank you for spurring this idea for the new column on my site.


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